Review Policy

My rating system is highly subjective because I read and review books for fun! Generally, it goes:

  • 5 stars – I loved it!
  • 4 stars – I really enjoyed it, there’s just something holding it back for me
  • 3 stars – It was okay! I don’t regret spending my time and/or money on it
  • 2 stars – Overall I wasn’t a fan of it
  • 1 star – It was bad and I do not recommend it at all

If I want to give a rating that includes a half star I usually round up, and I don’t give 1 star ratings to books I DNF’d without an exceptionally good reason.

When I mention a book on this blog, I always link to its Goodreads page through the picture of its cover. At the end of reviews I include that book’s author’s bio and picture, and if I would at all recommend the book to others I also include links to where the book can be purchased in the UK.

If you want me to review your book:

I’m very sorry, but I’m currently closed to review requests.

If you have any questions, please email me at or DM me on Twitter, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!