Hi! My name is El. I’m 21, and I’m a university student from the UK. I read a lot of YA, fantasy and sci-fi, but I’m open to reading anything that sounds interesting, and I’m a lot more likely to want to read something if there are LGBTQ+ characters.

I’m queer. More specifically I’m non-binary & genderqueer (my pronouns are they/them and any neopronouns), demiromantic, asexual, and sapphic/trixic. I especially seek out books featuring these identities. If you know of any good ones that I might not have heard about then please tell me about them!!

I’m currently the president of my university’s Pride society! I often talk about the books I’m reading with society members, and recommend ones that have good queer representation.

If you ever want to talk about books, or anything else, then feel free to message me! My DMs are open and I love making new friends!!