Review of What’s a Girl Gotta Do? by Holly Bourne

Read: 19th October 2016 – 22nd October 2016

Rating: ⭐⭐

Spoilers in review: No

Lottie decides to call out every incident of sexism that she sees for an entire month. That month is shown over the course of this novel.

Firstly, I am like the protagonist in that I also have a parent(s) who desperately wants me to go to Cambridge (or Oxford). But both my mother and Lottie’s parents are wrong in thinking that 5 A-Levels makes you look better to them. It doesn’t. I’ve had Cambridge admissions people tell me, at a summer school at Christ’s College, that it’s much better to take just 3 and get all A*s, than to take 4 or 5 and get As and Bs. My mother still won’t believe me about this, but it’s true. So I could empathise there.

But this book was supposed to be about feminism. Not about Lottie’s annoying crush on some guy. I could forgive the romance in book 1, as it took a massive back seat to Evie’s OCD. It was fine in book 2, as different kinds of love were explicitly what that book was about. But here it was a plot tumour that I wanted removed.

None of the major characters really felt distinct from each other. Their speech patterns were all near enough identical. This wasn’t an issue in the first 2 books, so I don’t know why it started happening now.

Also the SUDDEN USAGE of CAPITAL LETTERS for EMPHASIS whenever characters TALKED TO EACH OTHER reminded me of Frank Miller’s All Star Batman and Robin. This is not a good thing. And also wasn’t a thing that happened in the previous 2 books.

In summary, I agreed with the overall message, but felt that it was poorly executed. It’s a shame because the previous books in this series were good. Bourne has run out of girls to put in relationships in this series, so hopefully the next instalment will be better.

Review originally written in 2016

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