Review of Angel Beats!: Heaven’s Door, Vol. 1 by Jun Maeda and Yuriko Asami

Read: 5th September 2016 – 10th September 2016

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Spoilers in review: No

I’m enjoying this series so far. I really liked the anime and this manga series is a prequel to it, showing how everyone got to where the were when the anime started.

It was a bit difficult at times to figure out who was actually speaking. However, this doesn’t really matter that much as it usually became a bit more obvious after a few panels, so the flow of the story wasn’t interrupted too much.

The anime has so many characters that many of them get barely any screen time. In this first volume only a handful are introduced, giving the reader a chance to properly get to know who they are and what their personalities are like. Hopefully this trend will continue through the rest of the manga.

This volume focuses primarily on how Yuri and Hinata meet, become friends, and their first experiences with ‘Angel’. Although there is a fair amount of violence, the characters are immortal (as one has to keep reminding the other) so there are no deaths at all. The premise of this series, being set in the afterlife, means that the risk of death can’t be used as it can in other series, however this just means that other things have to be at stake for there to be any tension. Personally, I think that Jun Maeda does an excellent job.

Also, it’s nice not to have to read about your favourite characters dying for once.

Review originally written in 2016

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